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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Cherokee Shuffle- Intermediate

I taught an advanced version of this ages ago, but this is more of a melody-driven approach that reminds me of Doc Watson!

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Nice! I never tackled the advanced one. This is much more approachable.

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Nice, tasty arrangement! I learned that advanced one (without even using the tab) and it’s become one of my favorite tunes to pick while still being a challenge.

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Impressive!!! Now you have a simpler version to mix in with it.

Well, I have a few others to learn first (I prefer not to duplicate songs if there’s new ones to learn) but this will be on the list

tune keeps cutting out or stops intermitanly

How’s your internet connection?

Hi Dennis, Sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties viewing the lesson. I have watched the lesson thru and all the videos are working fine.

Can I ask how you are accessing the lesson ? Is it by phone, tablet, PC or Mac.
What web browser are you using ?
How is your Internet Connection Speed.

This info will assist @BanjoBen and @Mark_Rocka to help you resolve this issue. .

There are a lot of reasons why that could be happening. Try this. At the bottom right of the video, there’s a little gear icon. Click on it and change the resolution to the lowest option. If it starts streaming fine, bump it up to the next resolution. Then keep doing that until you find a resolution that’s high enough to get the job done without pausing.

A PC I just recently retired couldn’t handle the high resolution of Ben’s videos. I had to run them at 720 even though I have plenty of bandwidth.

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Hi @Mark_Rocka

With regards to the PC. Check under the heading Safety - Is the Tracking Protection On or Off ?

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i sure like it

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Is there a way to slow the rhythm tracks down?

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Once you have one downloaded you can put them into a software such as Amazing Slow Downer

Then you can choose the speed you want it to go.

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Also, don’t forget to use the .tef tab files! You can play them at any speed you want:

Love this lesson. Regarding the chords, are you using your thumb to fret the 6th string on the D/F#?

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I sure do, yep!