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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Bill Cheatham

This is one of the most popular pickin’ circle tunes of all time, and this version is sure to get your fingers workin’ to the bone. I love sticking the melody in the front seat and letting it drive, but that doesn’t mean it can’t bring its crazy friends along for the ride. If you need an updated, spicy version of this classic or just diving in for the first time, you’ll enjoy this acrobatic endeavor.

Hiya, Ben,
This is such a great vid. Not only a great song and great breakdown, but maybe a great back story too?
It seems that was this recorded the night of your Times Square show with Taylor Swift (found that video, by the way :-)), and you came back to your room rather than deal with the NYC/NYE craziness. Didn’t know that was Bill Cheatam night, Thanks for the great lesson!


Thanks, yep that’s the one!

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