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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Bill Cheatham- Melody

I taught an advanced version with lots of tricks years ago, but here’s a straight-ahead melody version. We also work on fret-hand economy as we shift positions.

Ben, I really like the “straight ahead, no frills” versions of some of these songs where you have previously done advanced versions. Speaking only for myself, in a jam I mostly just need the straight ahead version; it is usually too loud to hear the frills, slides, pull offs, etc that characterize the more advanced versions. Also - where you have included rhythm at varying speeds (e.g., “Bill Cheatum”) it would be helpful if, in addition to the full speed melody solo, you also included a melody version at a somewhat lower speed, too.
Keep up the great work!


Love the rhythm & chords lesson as I haven’t tried flat picking a melody yet. The walk down sounds mighty fine.

You can change the speed of the demo video of the lead playing using the little gear at the bottom right hand corner. of the video…


Thanks so much! As @fiddle_wood suggests, you can control the playback speed of the lesson preview solo by clicking on the gear settings button.

Initially I listened to the intro and downloaded the PDF and began to try to play in the home position which was difficult for me. After watching Banjo Ben’s video on how to play the A Part I realized how much easier he made by explaining when to move our index finger so that we could use our stronger fingers to play certain sections more quickly. What a difference it made in my ability to play this piece. Thank Banjo Ben for a great lesson.


Hi Joel Welcome to @BanjoBen 's Forum. Glad to learn you are fining your way around.

Ben’s PDF files are great but I much prefer using his .tef files.

Check out this thread to learn more.