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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Big Sciota

This is a challenging arrangement of this classic fiddle tune, but incredibly rewarding to learn! This one has it all–triplets, up-the-neck licks, double-stops, and more!

I basically have learned the tune, can play it at a reasonable speed, but then I hear Ben play it, well it does not sound quite the same. He highlites notes and runs the phrases differently and sounds much better. Any ideas on how to fix this? anyone else have this problem?

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This is a PERFECT opportunity to create a post of you playing in the Video Swap forum. I’ll listen and give you feedback:

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I noticed I was having the exact same issue on a tune this last year. I wish I could remember what lesson it was. Ben made a point on the lesson to try to work on the melody notes. I have been trying to do that by audio recording and it did make a difference. Although I am very far from proficient, I do see improvement. I love this new interactive stuff. The video feedback will be priceless!

I tried downloading the tef file it does not work… Something is wrong with it.

Thanks for letting me know…it’s fixed now!

Measure 13 to 16 took forever to get down. Sure sounds good when you get it though. Great song

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