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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Beaumont Rag

This is a great version of this parking lot favorite in the key of “C.” I especially like the B part, where we learn some really cool crosspicking licks that can be used in other songs as well!

I just learned this yesterday, and I can play along with the full speed backing track, mostly. I can very cleanly play with the 180 bpm track. This is a fun tune! Surprisingly (or not) the crosspicking licks in the B part were the easiest part of the song for me, they flow off my pick smoothly. This seems to be one of the easier advanced arrangements you make.


Loving your site, Ben! Absolutely the best. I have joined with the free membership just for now, but once I have learned the three songs (one I already know, but I want to compare how it feels to play your version) I will be continuing either on an ad hoc basis or as a member. Thanks again for your great work.