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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Basic Guitar Rhythm- Part 9

Completing this lesson is the guitar equivalent of the world’s spelling bee champion. Congrats, and continue to intermediate!

The Bluegrass G chord has a beautiful sound, so I’m starting from scratch to incorporate that into my playing. But so far it’s been difficult for my muscle memory to catch on. And I’m not at the point to play quickly at a jam with this chord - which further reinforces my using the “regular” G chord! Any advice?

My typical advice is to practice making the chord in reverse order of the finger order you “want” to make. For instance, if you want to put your index down first and your pinky last, pay attention to the order and try reversing it with pinky first and index last, etc. Practice that. It will help undo the hesitation in your brain/muscles.


Upon completion of this nine part study, I find myself wanting to try the intermediate track with other chords and chord walking/mini licks. Awesome content here. just what I was looking for.
The Blueridge guitar I got from your store is absolutely amazing. It’s difficult to put down and it’s my first guitar.

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