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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Basic Guitar Rhythm- Part 2

So you’re back for round 2…good for you.

what is a good metronome rhythm to start out using to play this? to be able to gain speed.
is like 40 to 50 BPM good to start until i gain gain my speed.

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Hi Colton

I don’t play guitar and I no longer use a metronome. But what I would suggest is you set the metronome to a speed that you can play comfortably. As you practice increase the metronome @ 5 BPM increments

I work with @BanjoBen 's TEF files using TablEdit I find this a better tool for practice and increasing speed.

Check out this thread for more info

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Yes 40-50 BPM might be a good start for Ben’s Advanced lessons. Check out TEF file like Archie suggests. You can vary the tempo between 20% (roughly 25-50 BPM depending on the level) and 200% of Ben’s performing speed.

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thank you @jmonickaraj1 and @Archie for the fast reply! ive have downloaded tabledit