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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Bag O' Licks- Rhythm Licks in E

I hear that train a’comin’, and you need some rhythm licks to get from chord to chord in E! Don’t get left at the station!


Whoa @BanjoBen Key of E ?

How does one capo the banjo to play along with this neat tutorial… ?

My natural inclination might be to play in the Key of D, with a Capo on the 2nd Fret. -N

Yes, capo up two and play in D, or capo up 4 and play in C. Better yet, check out this lesson and watch the capo theory portion:

Nice!! Maybe it’s just me, but did I see the ghost of Johnny Cash walking behind Ben?


Hi @BanjoBen, I am talking about the BANJO not the GEETAR. I’d like to play out of the G position in the Key of E. How should I capo ?

The THEORY is the SAME. I’m trying to get you to learn how to figure it out yourself. If you want to play out of the G position in the key of E, capo 9.

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Hey @Archie. You might need “John Henry” to drive a few more 5th string railroad spikes if you’re going up there! :wink:


I say capo on the 12th fret and play in the E position. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Man oh Man Ben, That 28 sounds awesome…