Discuss the Guitar lesson: Bag O' Licks– Rhythm Licks in C



Have a look see at this licks in C, won’t you? I’ll teach you 8 great rhythm licks in C position, then we’ll practice putting them in practice with Wildwood Flower!


@BanjoBen Just love this old toon by the Carter Family.


I like the rhythm bag o’licks. I think that playing licks in a rhythm context would be really helpful for getting them ingrained. I look forward to working through these.


I really love rhythm guitar lessons. Good Rhythm guitar is so important in a jam setting.


Hey @BanjoBen, I don’t recall seeing this guitar before. Is it a “New to You” guitar?


I’ve used it quite a bit before. It’s the D-28 75th Anniversary model…it’s just that the lighting is a bit better now and the color looks a bit different. I’ve used it on most all lessons the last couple years, but my sisters have borrowed it throughout the summer. I FINALLY got it back last week!


I guess the lighting does make it look different because I thought the same thing.


This is an awesome lesson Banjo Ben.