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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Bag O' Licks- Key of C

There’s no doubt that my Bag O’ Licks series of lessons are my most popular, and I know why…they work! In this Bag O’ Licks, we shift from the key of “G” to the key of “C”! I give you 4 great C licks, 2 F licks, and 2 G licks with 3 great combinations…this oughta get you going, as you’ll “C”. (sorry, that was a bad joke)

What’s the combo of licks you did in the beginning of the video (the bag of c licks from YouTube)

A C run…here you go:


Ryjj wemh!

(That’s ‘Nuff said’ transposed up 4 naturals. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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