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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Bag O' Licks- D to G Rhythm Licks

D chord, meet G chord. I think y’all will be real fine friends, and I have 6 different guitar rhythm transition licks to help you socialize!


On your unison slide, you have the slide going 5->7. Should it be 3->5?

And one other question…I play my g-chord your way with 4 fingers and also sometimes with the last 3 fingers. I find myself landing on whatever is comfortable from song to song. Is there a technical reason to stick with your way? I notice you NEVER play the 3 finger G.

Thanks so much! I got the tabs fixed…y’all will have to excuse the video mistake :wink:

Oh, I play the G chord with my last 3 fingers quite often, but mainly with fingerstyle pieces. I do rarely do it while playing bluegrass-type rhythm.

I have dabbled with the lesson just a little so far, but I can tell that this will be great for me to beef up my rhythm playing at church. I’m surprised at how easy some of these licks are, but yet they sound so good! Thanks Ben.

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Although I don’t play guitar I will definitely enjoy messing about with these cool riffs in my TAB arrangements.

The one thing I do notice about the G chord with the second string fretted at the 3rd fret on the D is that it makes the G chord with an open 5th. There is no longer a 3rd in the chord. I guess played behind a band it would sound fine but played by itself it is missing the 3rd which just sounds a little empty to me. I know you mute the A string so again we lose the 3rd that the old 3 finger method provides. It’s just taste and I know you have said you can play it either way. It’s just something I have noticed in trying to play it that way.

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I had always played the third tone in a g chord until I saw how Ben playes it. I like the way it sounds now without the 3rd tone. It’s all in what you like I guess.

Hi Banjo Ben! That is really nice even though I don’t play the guitar but my brother plays it. I think this will be very helpful for him, Thanks!

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