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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Away in a Manger- Fingerstyle

This a beautiful fingerstyle guitar version of a classic Christmas carol. It’s in “Drop-D” tuning and I actually have two different solos in this tab, as well as the backup for the mandolin solo. This can be played as a duet with the mandolin, or you can use the two solos as a solo performance.

Well, someone asked me to learn this, and of course I said sure I’ll learn it… then I got to the lesson and oh shoot, it’s advanced! I had been expecting it to be easy or intermediate, not advanced… eish, it’s hard, but I managed. The hard part will be remembering the backup… I don’t usually learn scripted backup lines


You definitely don’t have to memorize the backup, it’s just a suggestion, of course.

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I memorized it already, it just took a bit of work

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