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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Angeline the Baker- Melody Solos

I taught an advanced version of this tune many moons ago, but this a more straight-ahead version of the melody. We’ll learn it in two different octaves so you can play a version both before and after you go through puberty.

Why do you specify “drop D” tuning for this song, when your tab for it contains no notes on the low ‘D’ string that I can find anywhere in all three pages?..Whereas, with e.g. “Forked Deer” in drop D, your tab does make use of notes played on the low ‘D’ string (and in particular, a couple of low-octave D notes unreachable with the low string tuned to 'E".

I believe I did that because I played the rhythm track in a drop D tuning. Good catch.

take that drop d tuning and play the melody of i’ve just seen the rock of ages. sounds really cool.

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Banjo Version of this is in Drop C tuning capo’d up 2. That might explain the reason the Guitar is in Drop D also.

@BanjoBen Check the Guitar/Banjo/Mando links on these three lessons

While playing in D Major with the instrument in Drop D, I believe the overtones available to you are cool enough to warrant this tuning even though the lower notes are not actually played. It’s cool to know that either way will work though.

This is a tune that can easily fool me into thinking that the key is “A”. The tricky part is that the last (and first) note in the primary melody (e.g. 1st note in measure 34) is an “A”. Unlike most “D” fiddle tunes, “Angeline” does not resolve totally to the “D” on the last note (Banjo Ben’s ending resolves to the “D”, which I like at the end.).