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Discuss the Guitar lesson: Amazing Grace- Build-a-Break

We start with the VERY basic Amazing Grace melody in the key of G, then add strums, then beef it up even further for a great solo or group arrangement!

Well, here I am, day one lesson one, beginner level, plugging along with "Amazing Grace. Love it, but one little thing. Guess something I have to adapt to. I’m not new to a guitar, just never got anywhere with it but have been fooling around with chords for years. In this lesson, Ben advises to mute the “A” string with the fatty part of the ring finger. That’s not a problem. I always do that, because I am unable to do otherwise. I guess I have short fat fingers, because no natter how I try, no matter how I contort my fingers, that blasted “A” string is ALWAYS muted. I can’t keep my finger from touching it. I hope it’s possible to someday be able to play a decent guitar even though my fat little fingers won’t allow me to clearly play all six notes in some chords.

Perhaps you can record a short video showing what you’re talking about and I’ll offer feedback. Post it in the video swap forum category. Thanks!

i love the lesson

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When you get to the end of the tab for solo2 and want to go back and start it again but stay in time, like you do in the recording, what are you playing for those extra beats?

Oops… think I see now that you are playing what is at the end of solo 3. Hadn’t gotten that far when I posted the q.

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