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This is a great one to try after you learn the “slides” version!

I see the PDF is different from the video in measure 11 where the 5th fret of the 1st and 2nd string are pressed down in the video, but on the PDF the 2nd fret of the first string is pressed down. Which way should I be learning this? Color me confused … again. :-\ Thanks for clarifying this for me.

Hi Victoria, Just checked both PDF TABs against the on screen TAB measure 11 and all three are the same.

You press the first and second strings at the 5th fret as you begin the roll, Play 215.

Keeping the second string fretted at the fifth fret lift your ring finger off the first string (which is played open) play 21 then scoot down the neck and fret the second string at the first fret to play the last note C.

Ben uses this combination of measures a lot and you will soon find it easy to predict where he is going next.

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Please check it out at :16 in the lesson preview vid, I go up to the 5th frets. Thanks!

Thanks Archie and Ben. :+1: