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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Whiskey Before Breakfast

This is an older video that I’ve made free, along with the rhythm tracks and tabs. A very common instrumental with a melody a little sweeter than the title, this one is quite a challenge to play on the banjo. It’s traditionally played in “D,” which offers a challenge in itself, and I’ve made it a totally melodic version to boot. I wanted a version of this song that I could play in exact unison with a fiddle…and here it is. It’s a finger twister, but you’ll learn the neck faster than a moonshiner’s mustang when you take a sip of this one.

I’m starting this one soon.
For backing up this tune on banjo, other than basic vamp, how do you tackle the quick changes. Do you have a favourite picking pattern that seems to work best. Seems like exercise, so many changes.