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Discuss the Banjo lesson: We Three Kings Build-a-Break

Get that basic melody down then drop some rolls on it like tinsel on the tree! Come on, let’s do a Christmas carol together!


That old Cockerel keeps crowing in the background I can hardly hear that Stelling. point__laugh


Really enjoy learning these build-a-breaks.


Thank you!

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That chicken almost lost his life, you have no idea how close he came!

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I can’t get the tab to come up or download. Is there something wrong with the site or is it my computer?

Hey Keith! Welcome to the board. I was able to get the tab, so the site looks fine. Just to cover the bases, make sure when you’re on the lesson page you’re logged in to the site. If you are, you won’t see an option to log in at the top of the screen. Second, refresh the page. The site has a timeout limit. If you sit on one page too long (like watching the lesson video for a while) the page thinks you’re gone. A simple refresh will fix that issue.

Let me know if none of that gets it and we’ll go from there.