Discuss the Banjo lesson: Thinking in Octaves on Banjo



I’m convinced that many, if not most, banjo players do not connect the dots between octaves, effectively leaving loads of licks on the table!


I’m interested to hear what you banjer pickers think of this one–is this something new for you?


Another great lesson @BanjoBen, I worked on this concept about five years ago with Ross Nickerson but the lesson was so boring I fell asleep. :sleeping: You’ll be pleased to note I stayed awake throughout this broadcast. :roll_eyes:


Thanks for putting this up. While still a new player, I’ve been picking around trying to figure out up-octave expressions. This lesson brought me right to the target! We’ll laid-out & clearly demonstrated. Thanks!


Wow. I’m always eager to see what is next with you Ben. Great stuff there.


nice lesson and i must say the video quality has been very nice Thanks Ben


GREAT stuff Ben. Iv’e never thought about it that way. Thank you. Can’t wait to try it this weekend.


Great idea ! I started doing something similar a few months ago by transposing licks from the key of G to the key of D, but I only got as far as 3 licks. @BanjoBen : maybe you could a lesson on that idea ? It would be greatly appreciated !


Thanks for this, Ben. Sometimes you’re a mind-reader. You seem to know what I want to work on.


As a beginner, most of these licks are a little over my head at the moment, but the teaser on FaceBook piqued my interest. Glad I watched, and will try to start thinking that way about licks as they become familiar. Cool idea!


Great lesson! Clarifies and builds on ideas I’ve been working on (and struggling with:) for some time…You’re the man, Ben!


I have watched the videos but have not practiced any of it yet. I plan on working through some of it this weekend. The idea is simple and should be fairly easy with a little memorization. Thanks for keeping more content than any of us can ever hope to complete!