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Discuss the Banjo lesson: The Battle Hymn of the Republic

Two solos in the key of C, but in standard tuning with no capo! We start with a basic melody then beef it up from there.

Ok I’m new to the website so patience please. The first time I looked at the video of this song the tab scrolled across the bottom. Now all I get is the video and no tab at the bottom. Am I doing something wrong?
I am really looking forward to the lessons. My banjo has been in the closet for too many years and I’m excited about playing again. Looks like Ben is from Texas, he bow hunts, has a Huber and he’s saved. We have a lot in common so its got to be a great website. Rim

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Hi Rim

Welcome to @BanjoBen 's Forum. That lesson has six video segments. Five of those segments have TAB at the bottom of the screen. However the lesson preview does not and I am guessing that is what your looking at. Scroll down the page to find the lesson.


Howdy Rim, glad to have you!

As Archie advised, you’re only watching the lesson preview. Scroll below to select the remaining parts of the lesson.

Ok, I get it now. Thank you. RN

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Hi @BanjoBen

What filler notes are you using to connect the Intermediate break to the Advanced break. I would like to connect both TABs and attempt to play it all the way through.

G, E, F, F#–all quarter notes. I do play a C note on the & of beat one after the G. This is the same walk I use between the verse and chorus of the advanced solo. Also, don’t forget that you can slow the video down to halfspeed and make it easier to hear/see what I’m doing. Thanks!

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I tried slowing it down but I couldn’t figure out what you were doing. :roll_eyes:

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