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This is a basic to intermediate version of a Christmas classic in the key of G. We play the basic melody, and use the chord positions to add harmonies!

This is such a beautiful arrangement of my (second) favorite Christmas song. I am determined to learn it by December 25th of THIS year!! The timing is really tricky!!!

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Thank you Ben, What a lovley arrangement of my favorate xmas song.
I am finding difficulty with the double 5 chime at the end, The 12th string is mok but cant get any chime from the 5 ?? Anyone have some advice ???



5th fret harmonics are really tough. They require the most precise touch of all the harmonics.

1 - make sure your finger is directly over the fret.

2 - as soon as you pick the string, pull your left hand finger off the string.

I will say that some banjos make 5th string harmonics easier than others. I’ve played on some cheaper banjos that we’re almost impossible to get a ring out of the 5th fret.

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Great advice by @Mark_Rocka!