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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Pushin' Banjo Licks!

I don’t normally endorse you just pushin’ stuff around, but in the case of banjo licks, I highly recommend it! Theory will teach us that most every lick we know can work over many chords. Let’s set them free!


Hey @BanjoBen, another great lesson!!! I really enjoy learning about the theory behind music!!


pushin Banjo backup rolls…


Wow… so much good stuff in here can’t wait to dig my teeth into it

Thanks Ben

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Wow indeed !
I think it would be fun to apply this lesson to some of the banjo breaks I know, playing it 1 or 2 bars ahead of the chord changes :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot, also for the theory, never had realized that C- and D-pentatonics fall in the G-major scale !
Great stuff !

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Good idea!

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I just was thinking about pointing the ear to the next chord, and the first thing that popped into my head was, Banjo Backup Rolls… I tried it and if done right it sounds really good. it just can’t be too overpowering or it just doesn’t quite sound right. It works good too for geetar backup licks as well.

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This was a VERY rich lesson–not only a hefty handfull of licks we can use all over the place but this “Pushin Licks”-- how fun to be a rascally banjo player-- we have more fun!!! Thanks for some really great teaching on the theory…the way you set it up was easy to understand. Can’t say I’m up to speed on the licks yet, but that’s the fun~!
Thanks so much for your attention to detail, Ben! I so love learning this instrument…

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