Discuss the Banjo lesson: Man of Constant Sorrow



Lots of people have a banjo solo for this tune…but do they have a GOOD one?! I wrestled with this break for quite a while and I really like the finished product. It’s not too hard to learn, but it’s tasty enough to hold its own on any stage or jam there is. Get to pickin’!


Is there a tab with lyrics on it for this song? I like to sing along when I can. Thanks.


Hi Karl

It’s a lot of work to tab out a tune and add lyrics. I can’t say I have ever seen Ben include words.

You might find a tab with lyrics at Tom Arri 's website https://banjotom2.org/
Tom often includes lyrics with his tabs.

Won’t be the same as @BanjoBen 's arrangement


He included lyrics on will the circle and life’s railway at least


Sorry, I don’t have the words on this one :wink: I do have words for some of them, however.