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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Life's Railway to Heaven- Solo & Backup

This is a slower tempo tune and we’re gonna follow the melody. However, we’ll add some tricks to keep folks from falling asleep! May you have crisp pull-offs and clean bends, and enjoy the Scruggs tab included as well.

Thanks for this awesome lesson! When I joined my first string band in Tennessee over 25 years ago, this was the first song we worked on, so it brings back great memories for me. However, my skill level then was such that I could only play backup. I’ve wanted to play the lead on this song for some time, but have never been able to. I have books of gospel music for the banjo that have the song, but the tabs aren’t nearly as good as yours and they’re really difficult (even though they say they’re not). Yours is perfect - sounds great and it’s not that hard.

But …

Where’s the chorus? One of my favorite parts of the song was the G -G7-C transition between the end of the verse and the chorus. I was really looking forward to what you did with that segment and the chorus itself. Will you be adding the chorus to this lesson, or will that be a separate lesson? I hope to see it soon!

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for your kind words! I taught the verse only because historically that’s what is played as the solo. I don’t plan on teaching the chorus right now. Thanks!