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We’ll capo 2 and use C position to pick on this fiddle tune in D, and what fun we’re gonna have! Liberty is one of my favorite words, and one of my favorite melodies as well!


Love this tune but I think it sounds so much richer in Drop C Tuning


Ok. :upside_down_face:


What a cool tune! Want to learn this!


Love this tune! I enjoy the mixture of melodic & Scruggs passages in there. Also appreciated is that the instruction videos are focused on the ‘construction’ of the banjo arrangement and consists of clues, tools & licks that could be applied to any tune that a banjo player might want to arrange and learn on his (or her) own. That this tune is played in C-position (Capo’d to D) is an added benefit to continue to get more comfortable playing in other Keys besides G.

Happy PIcking!!!


This is right at the top of my list of favorites. I actually tried to learn this on the guitar because there was no banjo version. Now I am all set ! Thanks Ben for providing great material to work on. This is why I turned lifer long ago. Fact is it was such a good deal I have guilty feelings at times but I promise I’ll make it up some how.


Yikes. I’ve been working on Tony Trischka’s open D tuning version of Liberty for weeks. Just about have it and then Ben drops this on us. All is not lost though. After a quick look at Ben’s C position approach it is apparent that I can pull a few licks or alternate approaches to supplement what I’ve already learned. One thing I noted with the open D tuning is a lot of single string picking. Because fiddle tunes generally have a pretty rapid pace, the single string picking has to move right along. I’ve definitely improved my single string technique in learning Mr. Trischka’s version.

I hope I’m not running afoul of forum rules, but for banjo players interested in fiddle tunes, check out Tony’s fiddle tunes for banjos; it is a great resource and moderately priced. It is a massive work with more fiddle tunes than you can shake a stick at. I haul it around the house like a textbook.


Hi @The_Mole I don’t think @BanjoBen has any such rules. In fact I would go so far as to say he actively encourages his pickers to look beyond the website and learn from any sources that are out there. This forum is a great repository and anything to help his students succeed is welcomed.


Another satisfied customer/student chiming in with gratitude. Thank you!