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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Joy To The World - Jazzy

Joy to the World, the Lord is Come! To me, there are no sweeter words in the world! This is the “jazzy” version that I…um, I mean, Banjo Billy…played in the viral YouTube video. This one has lots of cool licks in it, and it’s sure to warm Grandma’s heart this Christmas!


Hey there! Very cool version with some great appropriate licks!

Quick question: the backup stuff you are using in this video… is there a lesson or two you might be able to point to that encompassed most of it?



I don’t think Ben has anything specific for this song, but when I recorded the video I put out last year, I used this lesson to put together the banjo backing track. I think it fit really well!

Here’s the video in question if you want to hear what that lesson sounds like as backup in his song. I played it close to the neck to get a mellow sound.


Great job on the video @Mark_Rocka, love the Banjo Billy look during the banjo part. What is the giant mandolin thing? Also, did you use the same program you previously mentioned to make this?


Thanks Harrison!

It’s an electric mandola that was originally built by a good friend of mine for Paul Buskirk, Willie Nelson’s mentor. It actually has Paul’s social security number hand written under the pickup. :slight_smile: One of two instruments I have with a cool story behind it.

And yes, I used the same software for that video.


Hey Mark! Love the video! How cool! :slight_smile:Thanks also for the utility roll link. I have looked over that lesson briefly once, but haven’t really dug in in a “let’s use these outside this lesson” (because simply I hadn’t put the time into adapting them for different tunes).

This is all super helpful though! (Love this community) :slight_smile: