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Discuss the Banjo lesson: John Henry- Basic

This is the basic melody to “John Henry” in the key of G, a PERFECT project for someone unfamiliar with the tune or who is just starting banjo. After you get this down, don’t forget to check out the intermediate version!

Any chance of a background track between 160 and 220 BPM? I’m having trouble making the leap in tempos.

Hey Tim,

You can use the .tef tab files to play backup for you at any speed you desire. Check it out:

Hi Tim, welcome to the forum.

Another option is to use slow down software such as Transcribe which can play audio at whatever speed you like while maintaining pitch and tone.

I’m not touting this particular app over others for any reason. It’s just what I use. I’m not sure how it compare with other similar apps. Just google “slow down software” to see what’s available.