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Discuss the Banjo lesson: John Hardy

Here are two GREAT breaks for John Hardy! The first is a straight-ahead “Scruggs” style break that any level of picker would enjoy, and the second is a Bela Fleck inspired lead that really tickles yer ears!

I paid for this lesson and it will not download - keeps crashing. I want to printout the pdf tabs. Any suggestions?

Do you get an error message when it crashes? Also, which web browser are you using? The new site seems to have a preference for Chrome and has decided it’s not crazy about Internet Explorer or MS Edge. That’s being worked on as we speak.

Hey Daniel!

Sorry to hear that! It’s working great on my end. Here are the tabs for you to download as well:

Ban-JohnHardy.tef (5.1 KB)
Ban-JohnHardy.pdf (148.4 KB)

Hi Mark, I am using Internet Explorer and I don’t have any problems accessing lessons, pdf’s or tef files. I tried the John Hardy TABs no problems here, I am in Scotland using a PC and 100MB Broadband connection.

I got it. Thanks. Great lesson. 200 bpm i got but 260 is tough. Practice more i suppose.


Hi Daniel. If you are using TefView or TablEdit there is an option to slow the TAB down to a speed that is comfortable for you to play along. As you gain confidence you can increase the speed at 5 bpm increments as your skill level improves.

I think he means playing along with the backing tracks…

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