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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Jingle Bells– Tony Wray Banjo Solo

The festive and incomparable Tony Wray is back in the Cabin, this time teaching a sentimental version of “Jingle Bells” in the key of D. Does Tony remind anyone else of a biker Santa? Also, check out the mp3’s for a Tony original!


Ho Ho Ho @BanjoBen & Tony, This is just the sweetest arrangement of Jingle Bells my No1 Fav Christmas Song.

Looking forward to getting into this. Wished it had come a little sooner not sure I will have it nailed in time for Christmas but I will give it my best shot.

Heads up Tony’s Santa Sleigh mp3 has a broken link

Fixed, thank you!!

Well Ben, it just keeps getting better and better. Great lesson, and your chit chat with Tony cracks me up. Very nice arrangement, super twist to the fast version. Merry Christmas to Y’all back at the store ! Seeing Robby and Jeff back in business is great. Yep, that there La Bambi was done already.

Dave B Down South

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Love those minor chords!

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Beautiful! This lesson could also be called “A study in transition chords.”


Very pretty. Nice choice on the mandolin for backing and tastefully done Ben!


Thinking the same: the minor and augmented chords really add a lot… so beautiful :-):blush:


Another SPECTACULAR - WRAY COOL arrangement! Congrats to @BanjoBen (the Bach of Banjo) and Tony.

This sounds amazing… but I am quite certain that the struggle will be to play it clean and with fluidity through the various positions… .which is EXACTLY why I like it!

Can’t wait to give it a try!

Beautiful, Beautiful. Simply Fantastic!:clap::clap:

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Also: looking at the other arrangement on your site here Ben-- you could easily step around the circle of fifths and start with this slow arrangement (in D), kick off into your quick arrangement (in G), modulate, and end in C.

So… in a way… all the Jingle Bells on the site do sort of fit together :slight_smile:

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Nice to bring it down for a beautiful melodic version of this song. I also love the augmented chords. Well done as usual.

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I started this lesson over the weekend and it became very apparent that I need a lot of practice switching closed chord positions. Playing a lot in the key of G has probably made me somewhat lazy.

Hi Brandon I am struggling with it too so your not alone

Tony Wray is awesome, thanks for all the lessons with him! How can I find some of Tony’s music? I know you said he is with Dan Tyminski, but does Tyminski have any new albums that features Tony?

I don’t know about this, but you can buy music from Tony’s band, Blue Mafia. Check them out on YouTube, etc. They’re not able to tour right now due to Tyminski’s schedule.

Oh Yeah Blue Mafia has some good stuff! He’s in Control is my favorite