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I love taking tunes from way back and putting a new spin on them. Here are two solos for “Jesus Loves Me” that most anyone can attempt. The first has a more traditional lullaby feel, then we grass it up the second time around!


Be sure and listen through the slow solo to get to the fast one!


Wow, what a great arrangement! Can’t wait to give this one a shot!


So AWESOME Ben, thanks a bunch. A special song indeed, as is the Truth in it. At my Dad’s funeral, one of his six sisters got up and told how they all used to sing Jesus Loves Me all the time when they were kids. Overcome with sadness and joy, she broke out into song right then and there and we all joined in. I just started crying as I’m writing this, wow.

I’m going to get right on this one, thanks again.


The power of music, incredible…especially when it is music with truth.


This is one song I play almost every night on fingerstyle guitar and harmonica, nice arrangement :+1:


Very nice! Almost makes me want to take up the banjo. Any chance for a mandolin version?



I don’t know if others agree, but I really like the slow solo - fast grass contrast.

I hope - when suitable - there will be others to follow!

BRAVO! I’m gonna grab my ole friend RIGHT NOW and start learning this gem!


Head over to your local music store and grab yourself an inexpensive banjo and try it out! As in, buy it. Your gold pick membership covers all three instruments :wink:


That’s an awesome arrangement! I will definitely be learning this one soon. It’s amazing how such a simple melody “grassed up” can sound so good!


Ha! I actually have 2 banjos I ended up with some kinda way. I suck at too many instruments to start another one right now. Maybe down the road.:roll_eyes:


Simply genial.Ben, you are fantastic!


Ben, please consider doing more of these type arrangements of old hymns with a slow solo followed by a faster bluegrass style. Love it! Thanks!


Yeah! How about a mighty fortress in honor of reformation day? Guess it’s a bit short notice though :thinking:


I love this. More gospel songs please :smile:


I’ll second a mighty fortress is our God! It’s an awesome song!