Discuss the Banjo lesson: Irish Washerwoman



Though it might help, you don’t need the luck of the Irish to learn this one. Settle in with me to work on some single-string banjo technique, along with strategy needed to play the exact melody notes we’re after!


Fantastic lesson Ben. I’ve been waiting to learn this one. 6/8 time?? Do you teach this in the theory section?


Great Job @BanjoBen Two thirds through the A parts lesson and loving it.:heart_eyes:


Check out the lesson below. There are 6 beats in the measure but I think of it as two sets of triplets.



This one definitely gets the feet tapping.


Hey Ben,
I never knew this song could be done on the banjo!! Welllllllllll Doggie as Jed Clampett used to say, another song for me to learn on my banjo!! So cool that you did this.

Thanks so much!!



Boy once you pick up on this rhythm it feels good. Great lesson Ben. Also doing the single string technique on a couple trouble licks I’ve notice I can get up to speed way easier on the tricky parts. Thanks a million.

Darcy Finley


hey @BanjoBen, great lesson, love the song. in the backup video you mentioned not knowing celtic banjo backup, which is not surprising because in a traditional irish session, the rhythm accomp is only played on one instrument usually a bouzouki or the like.