Discuss the Banjo lesson: Introduction to Melodic Banjo



Let’s introduce what melodic banjo playing is, then give you an exercise in G that’ll make you yell, “GRANDMA!”


I have a problem with this lesson, Ben. Intro video is fine but 2 and 3 just buffer for ever!! I haven’t had this problem with any of your other lessons.


Hi Stewart Welcome to @BanjoBen 's Forum

Sorry to hear your having difficulties viewing the videos. If you are using Window’s Internet Explorer click on “Safety” on the top right hand comer of your screen and TURN OFF Tracking Protection, refresh your browser and try again, you may need to close and reopen IE… .

If you are using another type of web browser please state which browser and what type of device your accessing the site with.


I have an imac and am using Safari.


Hi Stewart, I 'll give @Mark_Rocka a yell to see if he can offer advice on this.


I seem to recall having a similar problem with a safari when we were beta testing the site. I think I cleared the cache and that resolved the issue.

Truth be told. I’ve had the best experience on this site with Google Chrome. Any chance you’d be willing to load that up and try it out to see if you see a difference?


Hey @stewart.brown1! Sorry about the issue. Please email me membersupport@banjobenclark.com if you’re still having issues. I do want to encourage you to clear the browser cache and also try Google Chrome if you have not already.


Hi Ben and Mark. Thanks for your feedback. I came back to this lesson and found the same problem. HOWEVER — I took the advice and used Google Chrome and BINGO — problem solved! Muchas gracias, amigos.