Discuss the Banjo lesson: Intro to Potatoes



If you don’t know how to play potatoes, you might get hit in the head with one at your local jam.


Potatoes. I have to admit I noticed this title a few weeks ago and wondered what it might be. Turns out I’ve been listening to potatoes for a long time and I didn’t even know it. This provides some good ideas for more polished kickoffs. Now - pass the corned beef and mustard.


I’ve always noticed how Scruggs would start with what I thought was the B part on Cripple Creek. I didn’t know why he did that until now. Thanks!


In Scotland we call them Tatties they go well with Neeps and Haggis



Oops. I didn’t do this for Cripple Creek at Thursday jam. Will do better next week.

And apparently I’ve neglected to learn the chord structure properly (embarrassed).

Took this one too much for granted, I guess.