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Don’t start something you can’t finish. You HEAR ME?!

What is the left hand fingering for measure 2 in the Intro To Endings?
Having a problem getting to 4th string/4th fret comfortably.


Hi @kooseman Steve.

That is a partial D chord. Index finger on the 3rd string fret 2, Ring finger on the 4th string fret four.

@BanjoBen uses this partial D chord a lot so best you work on this and keep it handy in your box of favourite licks.

Watch the video closely and study Ben’s hand positions


Thanks Archie. I did try to follow but couldn’t quite make it out clearly.
Will definitely work on this.


Don’t beat yourself up Steve. Some of these hand positions are difficult and it’s not always easy to SEE what Ben is doing due to the camera angle but the more you watch the lessons you start to second guess what Ben is going to do next.

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