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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Hop, Skip, & Jump– Pull-Offs

We want to pull our strings, not a hammie, so do your stretches and let’s dive into this one!

Ben - Reviewing the fundamentals and in the area of Pull-offs I’m having some difficulty. Love the Hop, Skip and Jump exercise, but I find that my pull-offs on third string are muting the second string. Not the middle finger as much as the index holding the third string second fret. It seems my fat fingers are damping the second string. I have tried adjusting my hand position and that sometimes works. Do you have a lesson on hand positioning? Where to place the thumb on the backside of the neck, Fingers should come straight down on the neck? I find think my posture is a contributor and cradling the neck will mute the first string as well. I know that bowing a violin is a fundamental skill for violinists, any advice for the proper standard for left hand positioning?

Yep, here you go:

You can also make a quick video of your left hand and submit it on the forum for critique :slight_smile:

I think this is one of the best exercises yet. I am taking the approach to the lessons that I wont move on till I have the exercise memorized. This has just been a blast to learn slow, (sounds almost oriental) and the faster I get the more fun it is. Wife said this one is a little repetitious for her to hear but considering that’s the first time I have heard that I think I am doing good. Thanks for building this out. It absolutely got me more confident in pull offs. Now I’m trying to throw them in everywhere I can find a good spot.

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