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Discuss the Banjo lesson: God Bless America

This one is in the key of C but standard tuning, a lot of fun to play, and will surely get folks singing along in the backyard this summer!

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Man that’s sweet! I especially liked that G# transition after the “white with foam” part of the song. I was expecting a 7th transition there and it totally threw me (in a good way.)

Really looking forward to this one.

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On measures 15 and 16. There’s an extra 5th string note just before the last chord in the video vs. the tab. Take it or leave it, it sounds good either way. :slight_smile: Another fun lesson!

Ahhh, good ear. Yep.

Sssswwweeeet!!! Sure wish somebody we all know and love would write a medly of all the military branch songs. Can you imagine; God Bless America, then military medly then national anthem followed by fireworks on 4th of july?

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Hi Ron

You may care to check out Bill Knopf website he has Tabbed out several military marches by John Phillp Sousa

Also checkout Alan Munde’s website

Under the Double Eagle on the Festival Fav DVD

And my attempt

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Great. Thanks!!