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Part 1 of the Fretboard Geography course with Alan Munde!

I can’t get the PDF files to download so I can print them.

Hi Rickey It works for me.

Open the file by simply clicking on it. If you have a popup blocker you need to click ALLOW and try again. It should then allow you to Open or Save the file to your HD

We’ve had some issues recently with login sessions expiring but not notifying the users. If Archie’s recommendation doesn’t resolve the issue, try logging out of the web site by clicking “Logout” at the top right of the page, then log right back in and try your download again.

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I got it to work. It was user error.

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Ok… So here it goes! I’m really to a point in which I want to just randomly play over rolls and I’m not sure what my hesitation is. However, when truly trying to unlock the fretboard I get confused by some of the fingering Vs. the Tablature. In the example of Fretboard Geography - Part 1, Measure 6 or (2:58) into the lesson; Alan’s fingering Vs. the Tab wasn’t the same. I see that on the G string or 3rd string his fingering on the 11th fret follows the scale. My question is why show the tab as 10 (1st), 10 (2nd), 11(3rd)?


Hey @smokeeater0076! Great to have you on board! I’m a bit confused with your question. You say his fingering on the 3rd string is the 11th fret, which is true. And then you say the tab shows the 3rd string on the 11th fret, which it does. So, he is playing what is on the tab. Check out this picture and let me know if I’m missing something, thanks!

Hey Ben! Thanks for the reply! It looks to me like the TAB is saying 10, 10, 11 and in the snipped portion of the video is he not just playing the 11th on the 3rd string with his index finger on the 10th fret 3rd string? Or am I just imagining things?




He’s coming down from barring on the 12th fret, so he’s still barring across the 10th frets with his index, but playing the 11th fret on the 3rd string like the tab indicates.