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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Eighth of January

Many of you have been asking for more melodic stuff…well, here ya go! This one is fun to play and impressive to hear. Ol’ Hickory AND Johnny Horton would be proud!

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Hi Ben, could you offer a simplified version for beginners/intermediate (may be in G) ?..plse not too much up the neck and not too fancy. This actual version here is more like for a dancing night, should be closer to the character of a military march. It,s a fantastic patriotic tune.


Sure, I can put that on my list!


Hi Ben,can,t wait… How can I bribe you? Box of German Riesling wine or smoked ham from the Black Forrest? :wink:


Hi Tom Wild Boar is probably more to Ben’s liking


I know one other person who can be bribed with that… Obelix!

Both those sound delicious, especially together! Can you find a video youtube version of what you’re talking about?

@Tom_S You just have to bribe him with some Whataburger :wink:


Good morning Ben and friends…here a example how it could be, , a solo simplyfied for beginners (like me :wink: and as close as posible to the tune sung by J.Horton, like you did it with my fav “wreck of ole 97” melodie/spiced up or so :slight_smile: … wish you all a nice and peaceful sunday


With all of the single string picking in that video, I’m not so sure that’s easier than the first part of Ben’s lesson. IIRC, Ben does a fairly easy part on the first half of the A and B parts. If the second half gets too crazy, you could always just repeat the first half.