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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Devil's Dream

This is one of the first banjo songs I learned, and though it’s in the intermediate category on the site, it’s great for all players. This is a melodic arrangement, and it’s broken down into parts that are basic and parts that are more advanced. Beginners can take the basic parts and combine them to make a whole solo, while more advanced players can steal some of the trickier melodic licks in the second half of the A and B parts! Enjoy!

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My daughter and I decided we’d tackle Devil’s Dream this weekend. I found it to be a bit of a challenge to play on the banjo with the melodic finger technique. Here is our rendition with Meli on the fiddle:

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Wow! That was fantastic! Y’all nailed that in one weekend? :flushed:

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Oh my goodness, great job guys.

So uh, you learned that in a weekend huh? Up to speed and all… backup even… no mistakes… must be nice HAVIN SKILLS like that. Oh sure, I’ll just nail this down so expertly over the weekend, no problem. You probably had other other commitments too didntcha Neil? Had company over, probably a cookout, you fixed your car too right? :grin: OK, I’m jealous.

In all serious though, wow, good on ya, I really enjoyed that. :hugs:

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Hahahaha! You guys are too funny :slight_smile: , but thanks! Actually, we did just get together today; Finally playing our two instruments together as a duet, but we’ve been in our own practice-rooms for a few days working out the piece individually. No magic here unfortunately, although at least now we can polish it a bit more. Hey, one thing I can say about the Melodic Banjo pieces; They certainly teach you finger discipline. They’ve helped my progress on so many different levels.

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That’s a tough tune to learn Neil, Great job on putting it together with the fiddle. Tell your daughter I am always fearful when I see a fiddle player with beautiful long hair hanging down like that. I imagine it getting caught in the bow and tangling on the strings.

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LOL! Archie, I always tell people that we use Meli’s hair to make her bowstring. Always good for a laugh. :slight_smile:

It’s entirely possible that “Pa” played his fiddle to strains of “The Devil’s Dream” in 1876 when Laura Ingalls Wilder lived here. Laura related falling asleep to fiddle strains of “The Devil’s Dream” in her first book of the series “Little house in the Big Woods”.

Life must have been a struggle out on the western plain as the family apparently moved about seven times. The family rented out rooms in this home (below) in Burr Oak, Iowa to help make ends meet. This porch really could use a banjo and a fiddle on it. While Meli didn’t bring her fiddle with her this time, she did get her picture taken on the porch!