Discuss the Banjo lesson: Deck the Halls Build-a-Break



Decking your nephew for sticking his finger in the custard pie? Bad. Decking the Halls with three thrilling banjo breaks? GOOD! Let’s start with the basic melody, then get melodic, then end up bending some strings after getting hold of Granny’s eggnog.


This is one of those I find myself wanting to play more and more after I teach it.


Just in the Saint Nick of time. I needed a new project to work on. :rofl:


Awesome build-up! I love the increase of the melody through each break. I look forward to working on it up to speed!


Wow!! can’t wait to tackle this! : )


Hi Kathryn, Glad to read you here in the forum!




Has this forum been here for a long time?? Don’t know how I have missed it?



I’ve had it for years but this new forum is much better designed and easier to keep up with.


Fantastic Ben, You’re Great!


I’ve only been playing a few months so I’m no quite ready for this but I sure like hearing you play it, Ben!


Don’t forget to check out the contest forum category to see the contest about this tune!


I might be a lot easier to deck now but I used to be a bit harder to be decked , LOL. adding the scale notes almost seems easy for me, of course it should be. Any way I am not really up to Grannies eggnog yet but look forward to getting past the scale notes.and sliding into the eggnog . great tune to learn in this manner three ways is better N one. this will keep me limbered up for sure.