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Learn more major chords. They’re high in protein.

Any tricks for keeping the ring finger off the 3rd string when making these 4 finger chord shapes? My ring finger has very little range of motion on the last knuckle so the meat of the finger tip dulls the 3rd string. I can put my finger tip too far over on the 4th string fretting over the top of the neck but up the neck I touch the 5th string dulling notes there. If I stretch the last digit for a few minutes each note is clear. For a bit. I have also tried stretching the 4th string up while fretting the others living more room for the 3rd to play free and that works but then I get a pull-off sound from the 4th moving between chords, If only white-out worked on this screen I’d get rid of these pesky four finger chord shapes. I haven’t tried my feet yet. :banana:

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If I could see your hand position I may be able to offer suggestions. Perhaps take some video from your point of view and post in the VideoSwap category :slight_smile: