Discuss the Banjo lesson: Buffalo Gals Banjo Build-a-Break



I first thought “Buffalo Gals” referred to some chicks I met in college. But it turns out it’s a song, and a great one, too! We’ll do a build-a-break where we start with a basic melody, then beef it up, then treat it with melodic goodness!


Great song Banjo Ben! I will have to learn this sometime in the near feature when I am up to this level. Nena’s granddaughter Naomi.<3


Another good reason to finish work, so I can start working on another tune! Awesome! Thank You. (Maybe I’ll just skip work today … ;-).


“It’s A Wonderful Life” Banjo Ben! - John Haynes


I always enjoy the build a break stuff. I’m still stuck on the backup lessons but maybe I will layer this in a little. Thanks for another great lesson!!


Great, great Master of Strings!


Wow! Those fingers are smokin! At 34 seconds you do a slide with your middle finger, and a piece of skin comes flying off. I want me some of those calluses.


Actually those are the ones that lost four consecutive super bowls. :tired_face:


Ha! I saw that in the playback!