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Every banjo player eventually wants to be a better backup player, and this one is gonna give you an edge for bluesy tunes! What I like most about these patterns is they don’t use any open strings, which means you can use them to play in ANY key without a capo!


Love the new website format Ben! This lesson is perfect for me at the moment- been trying ways to break out of the more standard backup patterns for a while- this one made my left wrist quite sore! its a bit of a stretch!! thanks again, Will (from England!)


Great to hear! Keep me posted on your progress!


What really makes this Lesson super useful in any Key, is the moveable patterns. More and more, I see my progress dependent on learning licks, tricks and mood-setting styles that can be applied. I would love to see Banjo Ben sometime post a good Tab of the 12-bar Blues song “Foggy Mountain Special” at some point in the future. Surprisingly, FMS was not played in “Scruggs-Style” picking, although, ironically it was played by Earl Scruggs himself; so he too, apparently was fascinated by bluesy banjo-playing. :wink: FMS lends itself well to variation by virtue of the 12-bar blues style which, as this lesson shows, is a style that is a blast to play!