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Don’t you love that time of year when the berries are ripe and Granny’s in the mood to whip up a cobbler? Get her in the bakin’ mood with this old fiddle tune!

Is it possible to send you a ‘snip’ (a crop) of a section of a screen to help identify a specific area I have a question about? This would be sort of an attachment to an email?? I have not be successful is getting the PDF feature to work as I work through the Blackberry Blossom lesson.

Thank you, John Acocks, Shelton, WA

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Hi John

Welcome back to @BanjoBen 's Forum. It seems there is a glitch that causes a problem with downloads when the lesson has been open in your browser for a short while. Try refreshing your browser and click to download the PDF TAB. I am sure Ben will get back to you ASAP

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I got your email, @johnacocks, and I’ll reply soon. Thanks!


I am learning blackberry blossom on banjo intermediate. I have learned it well at 180 bpm with the metronome. Do the backup mp3 tracks play the song twice. Having a tough time following along with the backup mp3.

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There’s a 2 bar intro (potatoes), then it goes through the entire song 3 times, then a 4 bar ending. Thanks!

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I have a question. Something that has been bugging me for years. On the second bar of the A part of this song, why is the 7th note an A# rather than an A?
It is tabbed out as third fret on the third string, and when played slowly it just sounds very wrong to me, I think it should be 2nd fret on the third string? Thanks, Kate

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I believe that is to slur the note when played up tempo.

The A note would be great! I just chose the Bflat (A#) to give it more of a bluesy sound, but it’s the player’s prerogative.