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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Black Mountain Rag in C

Let’s do this great ol’ tune in C and make the position do some work for us! We’re gonna have to be a bit inventive to get the notes we want, and it’s a lot of fun figuring it out!


Great lesson! Know this one inG, always wanted to learn how to play it in C, and switch up halfway through…to be continued…


This lesson follows the guitar version in good way. I think the F chord licks at measures 25 & 26 will adapt to fit in many other songs. Also, the double stops are reinforcing Alan Munde’s chord studies and vice-versa. Perfect timing @BanjoBen!

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Just diving into this, been working on the weird C roll for a couple weeks, I finally got past the memory block of not doing a standard roll. Also working on the Guitar and Mando solos, should be ready in a month or so.