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Shuffle rhythm is awesome when you want it–but deadly when you don’t. Watch this lesson and save a life.

Pretty happy with this lesson! I was referred to this site by my banjo teacher to find a song to self-learn. I loved to site & signed up, learnt from you both. Having to stop lessons for a few months meant I still had a teacher plus much more! I am still not through beginner! However, he called it “bounce” but it the same thing as ‘shuffle’ - just never explained the theory of it. Now I have almost nailed ‘You are my sunshine’ I’ll have a go learning it with shuffle. I have already been put to applying it to Cripple creek. Back to face-to-face lessons soon, and I am honestly finding Ben you are filling in the gaps my face-to-face teacher just can’t fill in the short timeframe. I really appreciate all the work you put into the site. Now - off to practice!


Wow, thanks so much and I’m honored to have you on board!


Nope - I’m having trouble capturing the shuffle in “You are my sunshine”. The MP3 is probably too fast for my terrible ear! I think it’s a matter of hearing it slow, playing it slow, then working on speeding it up. Might go looking for the “slow down” software mentioned in a previous discussion. I’ll let you know. If you feel like updating this lesson with a 50% slower MP3 track, that could also be helpful!!

Hello Michelle, there are some free audio recording software where you can adjust the tempo to your comfort level. Audacity for example.

Amazing Slow Downer


OK, thanks for the hints everyone! I downloaded Audacity and have finally got the slow down bit worked out (not a tech-head sadly!). The good news is - I thought I sounded like rubbish when I attempted to “shuffle” the rhythm, but after listening to the MP3 (above) slowed down, I think I almost have the hang of it! The thing of course boils down to practice, practice, practice then getting faster. Now I’m off the practice, play it “shuffle” slow, record it, then speed it up and see if it actually sounds right faster! Lol. Back to my teacher next week so I’m hoping that he is impressed with my progress after almost 4-5 months without face to face teacher. Thanks again everyone!!!