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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Banjo Setup with Steve Huber- Trussrod Adjustment

Learn to adjust them banjo trussrods mighty fine.

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Thanks to Steve & this video, I worked up enough courage to adjust the truss rod in my banjo in an attempt to get rid of a buzz.
It would have been helpful if Steve had told me first the truss rod was hidden under a nameplate on the head. I got suspicious when I saw three little screws, so I removed them & behold! There was my truss rod!
After watching the video a couple times, I made my adjustments & the buzz went away.
The lesson I learned is “Don’t be afraid of your banjo.” Have confidence that if you take it apart, you can put it back together again.
(This is not like DIY plumbing around the house. That never works right!)


I have a beginner-level banjo, which has a very flat neck, but doesn’t have a truss rod. I had an annoying buzz on my fourth string whenever I fretted it. I adjusted the (turnbuckle-style) coordinator rod pretty dramatically and got rid of my buzz, but, of course, that makes the action very high. Is there anything else I can do short of buying a better instrument?

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I’m afraid not because there’s only so much adjustment you can do. You could do a neck reset but it’s not worth it.


So what I’m hearing is that I should tell my wife that Banjo Ben says I need to buy a new, nicer instrument. If we have to spend the anniversary trip money,… we do what we have to do…



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I like the way you think. :smirk:

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