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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Banjo Setup with Steve Huber- String Height/Action

Learn to adjust the height of your strings, also known as “action.”

This is a helpful video on finding a good starting point for string height.

Does anyone have recommendations on how to actually adjust the action? Maybe a good video, or article?

Did you watch the other videos in the series? He talks about coordinator rod and truss rod adjustment.

Seriously? How did I not see that?


Steve gives some useful tips here. I got my banjo action set just right after watching. Another tip I found online for fine tuning from Donny Little. Fret the first string at the 12th fret. Pluck the string and lift off the fret almost immediatly keeping finger on the string. It should resonate quite long. If it dies off quickly, tweet the coordinator rod a very tiny amount then check again. By doing this you can get the best sustain out of your banjo.

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