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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Banjo POV Pickalong: Old Joe Clark

Let’s pick! The point of the Pickalong lessons is not to teach you a tabbed solo or backup, but to get you actually playing along by using your eyes and ears! Don’t forget that you can slow down the video!


Keep the pick alongs coming!


Great timing!!! I about have memorized the banjo part you put up a few weeks ago and am currently at 160 bpm. This will be great for me. I like the muted roll backup. I am guessing the muting is done just by not fully depressing the frets? And then to top it off the last guitar solo was real familiar. I learned that years ago from you. That was one of my favorites. New stuff and nostalgia all wrapped up in one lesson! Do you have my room bugged or something?

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I really like what you did by putting out a lesson on this a couple of weeks ago, with the lead. Now I can work on both backup and taking a lead break. It also allows me to try different things. I find this to be one of the most valuable lesson strategies. Thanks and have a great weekend


I’m new to string instruments, and the banjo is my first one. When you’re in the B part and you play “7” it looks like you’re playing a G, but I thought a “7” in the key of A was a G#. What am I doing wrong?


G is the flat 7 and G# is the major 7. However, we almost always mean a flat 7 when we have a 7 chord in a bluegrass song- a G# chord in the key of A is uncommon (but not unheard of- for instance, Sitting Alone in the Moonlight). Why we do this, I’m not exactly sure :joy: It may be because Old Joe Clark uses the Mixolydian mode, which has the flat 7th tone as its 7th tone in the scale.


Wow, pulled that one out of the blue!


This is very helpful, great video. My father, played in gospel band, he said. When you play alone you add and sometimes remove notes. This video did highlight that for me. Thanks!