Discuss the Banjo lesson: Banjo Forward Roll Study


Thanks I’ll fire up the Metronome. I’ve been playing for about a week and am using the Janet Davis Teach yourself to play Banjo and it has started with the same first song. I think that Gold Pick is going to be a tremendous help. Especially since this and my JD book are my only resources at this time (No Local Teachers where I live)


That’s a great book. This is a very common starting melody. Yes, be sure and keep with the learning track, and keep me posted on your progress!


Thanks good to know 1 slower 1 same speed and 1 faster


Will do thanks


Welcome Woody!


How do you like it?


It’s Gr8 so far actually I took Piano as a kid from 7 to 18 so the tablature wasn’t to hard for me to get a grip on It has started me on the basic rolls and the version I got has You tube video that coalate with the 1st 20 lessons


Cool! :sunglasses: keep me posted how you like.

While Ben is my instructor now, the FIRST SONG I posted was NOT one of Ben’s I’m sad to admit.

However, Ben was very Supportive of my post and it was awesome to think he saw one of my videos - as I am his student and a “Lifer”.


Good eye. :+1:I saw that one too. Ben does that every now and then. Makes it easier.


I’ve noticed here lately sometimes I’m scraping the head with my thumb pick before playing the 5th string and am barely missing the second string with my index finger pick and hitting it with my finger instead. 3rd finger no problem. Is this just a keep practicing thing or could I need to adjust my picks or hand positioning. Pinky and 4th anchored in front of bridge. I also am only looking at the strings about 10 to 20 percent of the time.I’m using national large thumb pick and National np2 finger picks


Hi Woody It happens, I shorten/file the length of the thumb pick blade.

If you have only been playing a short time you are more likely to miss strings and hit wrong strings.

Yes you got it, practice helps but there will still be times when you miss a string or hit the wrong one. Pros do it all the time.

Sometimes adjusting the picks can make a difference I use angle picks, I find I can strike the string more squarely than I can with a straight pick. I’ve seen some folks twist their picks round on their finger. Trial and error got me to where I feel comfortable.


When I start hitting the head with my thumb pick, it usually means I’m picking too hard. If I just back off of the right hand picking force the problem usually corrects itself, plus I can play cleaner and faster.

As Archie said, it could also be the picks. I tend to hit the head more with my BlueChip than other picks with a shorter reach. I’m not about to file down a $40 pick, though. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys


That’s why I buy el-cheapo thumb picks Mark. I shopped around for years until I came across Jim Dunlop clear plastic picks these are the most durable ones I found,


Hey @Woody, post us a picture or short vid of your right hand in the banjo or video swap category and we’ll help you out.


I’ll try to do that tomarrow thanks


Haven’t used Dropbox in forever hope these links work. Any and all input will be greatly appreciated. I’ve been playing for 3 and a half weeks roughly. This is my first string Instrument it’s a Deering Classic Special with tone ring. And I literally love playing it and the challenge of learning 3 finger style banjo


Unfortunately they didn’t work.


Think I finally got you tubes to load in video swap. I know it sounds like I butchered the song but for only 3 weeks I’m feeling like I’m making headway lol


Hey guys and gals, Im a newbie here. Just joined as a Gold Pick member a few days ago. Got me a new banjo and no Teachers that are less than a hour away. Ben Ive followed you for many years on YouTube and always knew you was an awesome teacher But WOW… This site is killer dude. You’re my life long teacher now… I`ll be working on this roll lesson for a long time… Thanks agin