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Discuss the Banjo lesson: Banjo Boot Camp–Overview, Holding, And Strap–overview-holding-and-strap-banjo

After a brief orientation, we’ll cover the major parts of the 5-string banjo and learn how to hold it!

@BanjoBen what is a “cradle strap”? I’m having a difficult time finding a banjo strap that will attach at your recommended points. The ones I’m finding online seem to be really long and look to be attached under the neck.

Hi Brent this is one version of a cradle strap. Basically the cradle strap wraps round the bottom of the rim to support the banjo. As opposed to being hung from the tension hooks


Precisely what @Archie said in his comment. I personally do not use a cradle strap, or at least I don’t run the strap underneath the banjo because I don’t like the angle makes my banjo sit.

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Ben, will a leather strap keep an open back banjo from wanting to tilt the neck down? It seems I may want to add the resonator to balance out the weight better so it will not slide.

It may not, but you can glue a piece of felt or other material to the underside that goes over your shoulder to keep it from slipping as much.